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Emerging from the sun-soaked landscapes of Arizona, the Tanner Olsen Band has carved a niche with riveting live performances and a unique blend of traditional and contemporary country music elements. Their early musical endeavors began in high school drumlines, setting the stage for their evolution into the powerhouse performers they are today.

Tanner Olsen and Graeme Fugger, the foundational duo, have a diverse musical palette. They're inspired by country legends like Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs, yet they also resonate with the contemporary vibes of 5 Seconds of Summer and AVICII.

In the digital realm, the Tanner Olsen Band has impressively amassed over a million streams across platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, with their tracks consistently featured on numerous Editorial playlists. Their resilience and adaptability shone during the pandemic era, as they transitioned to live streams and intimate digital performances, delivering over 100 shows in just two years.

2022 marked a significant chapter. Now a dynamic five-piece ensemble with Brayson, Nick, and Adrian infusing their unique talents, the band has garnered nominations and showcased their prowess at esteemed events like the BCCMA and CCMA awards. Sharing the stage with icons like Aaron Pritchett and Sarah McLachlan underscores their caliber.

While their musical journey has Canadian roots, the band has firmly planted themselves in Nasvhille's vibrant music scene. 






  • Delivered over 100 performances during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Performed Sarah McLachlan School of Music Concert Series


  • Winner of BCCMA Emerging Artist Award

  • MRPM All Genre Original Song Writing Festival Winners

  • New Single Treated Me Well featured on multiple Spotify Editorial Playlists

  • Performed at Variety BC Children’s Foundation



"Missing Your Love" by Tanner Olsen Band is a poignant musical journey that delves deep into the realms of longing and nostalgia. With its evocative lyrics and the band's signature country sound, the track paints a vivid picture of memories tied to past loves and the emotions they stir. The song masterfully captures the bittersweet essence of reminiscing about moments gone by, all while showcasing the band's unique blend of traditional and contemporary country elements. A testament to the band's lyrical prowess and musical talent, "Missing Your Love" promises to resonate with listeners, taking them on a heartfelt trip down memory lane.



"Backroad" by Tanner Olsen Band is a vibrant ode to the allure of the countryside and the freedom of open roads. Infused with the band's unmistakable country essence, this track transports listeners to rustic trails, evoking the simple joys of life away from urban hustle. The song melds captivating rhythms with genuine lyrics, painting a picture of spontaneous adventures and the charm of the uncomplicated moments. With its modern spin on classic country vibes, "Backroad" stands as a celebration of life's genuine experiences, inviting listeners to relive memories of dusty trails and sunsets, making it an instant favorite for country enthusiasts.



"Thinking Too Much" by Tanner Olsen Band delves deep into the realm of nostalgia and introspection. This track captures the poignant emotions of reminiscing about past love and the bittersweet journey of moving on. With its evocative lyrics and the band's signature country resonance, the song paints a vivid narrative of love, longing, and the memories that linger. The melody carries listeners through moments of reflection, emphasizing the weight of overthinking and the yearning for simpler times. A genuine testament to the complexities of the heart, "Thinking Too Much" resonates with anyone who's ever been caught in the web of past memories, making it a soul-stirring addition to the band's repertoire.





In the official music video for "Missing Your Love," Tanner Olsen Band invites viewers into a visual journey set amidst the pristine beauty of the countryside. The daylight illuminates the idyllic river scenes, reflecting the clarity and depth of emotions conveyed in the song. As the gentle ripples of water flow, the narrative seamlessly transitions between the tranquil riverside moments and the band's dynamic stage performances. This harmonious blend of nature's serenity with the raw energy of live music encapsulates the song's essence of love, nostalgia, and longing. Dive into this visual treat and let the Tanner Olsen Band take you on a heartfelt voyage through love's memories and melodies.

On July 22nd, amidst a backdrop of daisy dukes and cowboy boots, Tanner Olsen Band took the Gone Country 2023 stage by storm. As the sun set over the massive beer garden and bustling bars, TOB's dynamic energy resonated, echoing the event's mission to fight cancer. With flip-flops tapping and tank tops swaying, the crowd was immersed in the band's signature sound, marking a highlight of the 9th annual Here for the Cure Cancer Fundraiser. Dive into this video and relive that unforgettable evening!

In the official music video for "Just Say Yes," Tanner Olsen Band transports viewers to a classic bar, bathed in dim lights and brimming with rustic allure. The narrative unfolds as a chance encounter over pink lemon drop shots ignites a whirlwind evening of romance and adventure. As the band delivers their infectious melodies, the bar's patrons are drawn into the story, feeling the magnetic pull of spontaneous connections and the thrill of the open road. From the promise of a moonlit drive in a Tacoma to the sun-kissed dreams of California, this video perfectly captures the song's spirit of seizing the moment. Dive in and experience the magic of saying "yes" with Tanner Olsen Band.

In the official music video for "Treated Me Well," Tanner Olsen Band offers an intimate, behind-the-scenes glimpse into their creative process. Set within the confines of a state-of-the-art studio, the video captures the band's raw passion and dedication to their craft. The close-up shots, moody lighting, and the intricate details of instruments provide a stark contrast to the song's poignant lyrics, creating a powerful visual narrative. As the band delves deep into the song's emotions, viewers are granted an exclusive front-row seat to witness the magic of music-making in its purest form. Join Tanner Olsen Band in this studio journey, where heartfelt lyrics meet authentic artistry.

Every TOB song is a journey, and their live performances? Electrifying! They have a way of making every lyric come alive on stage.

Jamie Thompson

Tanner Olsen Band's music resonates deep, but seeing them live? It's a powerful experience that stays with you. Their energy is unmatched!

Alexa Martinez

Working with Tanner Olsen Band has been a journey of discovering raw talent and authenticity. Their dedication to their craft and their fans is unparalleled in the industry.

Samuel Greene

In a world filled with fleeting musical trends, Tanner Olsen Band stands out with their timeless sound and heartfelt lyrics. They're the real deal.

Dan Cleland

TOB has a unique way of blending traditional country with a contemporary edge. Their music resonates, and it's no wonder they're making waves in the country scene.

Ryan Stead


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